Professional Help for Website Performance
Posted by wordpressdevelopment, 01/22/2018 7:08 am

Once a website has been designed and launched, there are many variables that can contribute to declines in performance. Some have to do with the original design of the site. Depending on the content management system chosen, it may not be responsive to customer or visitor needs. There may also be problems with how the site looks on mobile devices.


If visitors have to re-format the site to fit their laptops, tablets, or smart phones, they will simple move on to competitor website. Utilizing a platform that automatically re-sizes to fit mobile devices can be a fast and easy solution. Most website designers choose a wordpress development platform because it works well on mobile devices. The site always looks stunning and is compatible with just about every browser used today.

There is a free version of WordPress that requires minimal knowledge of launching a site. People with zero knowledge may want to seek a professional company, such as Green T Digital, to design the site. Once it is launched, the designer can train the site owner on how to manage the website moving forward. It is a budget-friendly solution because the platform is easy to use and includes multiple plug-ins to help the business or blog succeed.

Lack of Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Another common performance issue is not enough components within the site to boost rankings on search engines. Most people do not go past the first page of engine results. If the business is on that second or third page, it may not ever be noticed. An experienced company can review strategies used and recommend changes. Paid advertising, adding videos to the site, or increasing social media presence can be new approaches to increase rankings.

Training and Education

The solution may be as simple as training in-house website managers how to create more captivating content, arrange tabs for clear navigation, or become more responsive to customer comments and feedback regarding their experiences on the site. Setting up a pop-up box to encourage visitors to leave an email address can also be a way to increase performance. Educating the staff of a small business charged with maintaining the website, can improve traffic via offers of a newsletter, special email coupons, or a quick and fun survey. Engaging visitors takes practice and a plethora of techniques.

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